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All of the Spiritual Directors listed in our directory affirm the ESDA doctrinal statement and have completed the minimum Spiritual Director 2 year training at an accredited program. All of our Spiritual Directors work with men, women, and adolescents and are trained to be mindful of diverse multicultural concerns and spiritual issues. 



Steve Arden.jpg


Steve’s mission is to create a safe place for people to do their soul work so they can be present with themselves and with God. He is passionate in helping people connect intimately with the Lord.

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Beth is a fun loving, thoughtful, and discerning Spiritual Director with over 5 years of experience practicing out of Barrington, IL. She specializes in offering fresh perspectives on old problems and helping others come 'unstuck'. Learn More about Beth -->

Lynne Danekas WEB.jpg

LynNe Danekas
Wheaton, IL

Lynne is a calm, curious, and inclusive Spiritual Director recently certified by Sustainable Faith and practicing out of Wheaton, IL. She specializes in welcoming people from all walks of life to explore deeper transformation with God.  
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Kristy DeSanti WEB.jpg

Kristy DeSanti

Kristy is a warm, nonjudgmental, and fun presence with a wealth of experience in recovery and support group ministry. She is certified by Moody Bible Institute, and practicing out of Mayslake Ministries in Downers Grove, IL.
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Gail Donahue FULL.jpg

Gail Donahue
Algonquin, IL

Gail’s passion is to see people discover and live out a vibrant, power-filled and intimate walk with Christ in the midst of a very complex world. Alongside her Spiritual Direction, Gail is the co-founder of Sacred., a ministry focused on setting apart spaces for men and women to keep company with Jesus, and a facilitator of OneLife Maps.
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Michele Dillon
Prospect Heights, IL

Michele is a discerning, wise, and warm presence with over 7 years of experience in Spiritual Direction. Her passion for navigating the spiritual life and attuning to the stories of others make her a trusted companion and guide for the journey of faith. 
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Carol Ekblad WEB.jpg

Carol Ekblad
Palatine, IL

Carol is a creator of safe spiritual spaces with over 4 years of experience in Spiritual Direction and a lifetime of ministry exposure. Her vast life and ministry experiences have equipped her to come alongside people in all seasons, & her experiences of grief recovery make her an excellent guide for processing loss. 
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Lana Gentile FULL.jpg

Lana Gentile
Vernon Hills, IL

Lana is a harmonious, mediating, and peaceful presence who is able to see many sides to difficult situations in order to offer discernment. Lana’s directees remark on her peaceful and calm presence that crafts a safe relationship to grow with God.
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Sue Higgins WEB.jpg

Sue Higgins
Cary, IL

Sue is a fully present, accepting, and gentle personality who bring warmth and kindness to her Spiritual Direction style. She has a wide variety of experience with diverse scenarios and is open to walking with teens, LGBTQ and Gender Issues, Muslim Clients, and a variety of ages. 
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Joan Kelley
Palatine, IL

Joan is a genuine, gentle listener whose Spiritual Direction style is marked by her contemplation, shepherding, and companionship gifts. Outside of spiritual direction Joan co founded Sacred, a silence and solitude retreat ministry and is a certified OneLife Maps coach. 
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Rose Linderman WEB.jpg

Rose Linderman
West Dundee, IL

Rose is an encouraging, Available, and attentive Spiritual Director whose style is marked by her relational and warm approach. Her directees describe being guided by her as a safe, non judgmental, and peaceful experience that brings greater intimacy with God.
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sam ogles
glen ellyn, il

Sam is a gentle and trustworthy Spiritual Director who values creating a safe space for people who desire to grow spiritually. His spiritual direction style is marked by his ecumenical, inquisitive and nonjudgemental nature. Learn More About Sam -->

Chris Pavel FULL.jpg

Christine Pavel
Deer Park, IL

Christine is an insightful, inspiring, and inquisitive Spiritual Director whose style is grace-filled, inviting, and loving towards each individual she journeys with. Her greatest desire for anyone considering Spiritual Direction is to know and have a deeper intimacy in their relationship with God.
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Tami Pringle FULL.jpg

Tami Pringle
Barrington, IL

Tami is a wonderfully joyful, intuitive, and creative Spiritual Director who seeks to bring presence to her embracing and inviting direction style. Tami aims to listen, without fixing, with an ear to God on her directee’s behalf.
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Maisie Sparks WEB.jpg

Maisie Sparks
Barrington, IL

Maisie is a laid-back, easy-going, and spiritually inspiring presence, who fosters an attentive, caring, and curious Spiritual Direction style. Maisie’s directees share that journeying with her has helped them feel like they can explore their own soul and be present with themselves in God’s presence.
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Laura Dingman FULL.jpg

Laura Dingman
INdianapolis, IN 

Laura is a passionate, creative, and encouraging spiritual director whose direction style is highly relational, story-driven and organic. Laura’s clients have shared that being in Spiritual Direction with her is a transformational experience in which they’ve been able to hear the truth in love, whilst being loved and seen by someone they trust deeply cares.
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Sharon Henderson WEB.jpg

Sharon Henderson
Lafeyette, IN

Sharon is a warm, inviting, and compassionate Spiritual Director whose directees describe as profoundly accepting. Sharon’s style first focuses on the transforming, loving presence of Christ and opening directees up to His grace and revelation. 
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Sibyl Towner FULL.jpg


Sibyl is renowned for her discerning, accepting, and wise presence, cultivated over a lifetime of experience in Spiritual Direction. She is the co- founder of Listen to My Life and oneLife Maps. Her style is custom fit to each directee to focus on the needs of each individual.
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