Trained by The Christos Center for Spiritual Formation
Practicing Spiritual Direction for over 10 years

Maisie is a laid-back, easy-going, and spiritually inspiring presence, who fosters an attentive, caring, and curious Spiritual Direction style. Maisie’s directees share that journeying with her has helped them feel like they can explore their own soul and be present with themselves in God’s presence. Maisie stumbled upon the gift of Spiritual Direction and found herself falling into the safe and loving arms of God. Her prayer is that more of God’s children would experience that same fall.

Maisie enjoys creating meaningful photo albums for relatives on their milestone birthdays, and enjoys spending a day off taking it as it comes without the pressure of plans. She loves Jamaican food, and enjoys spending time with God by walking in nature, then sitting on a bench and allowing the breeze to wash over her and communicate God’s great love.

Spiritual direction saved me from wanting to be a ‘good person.’ Growing up in the church, I had picked up a lot of information about God and what I should and should not do, but I had somehow missed the personal relationship part. Spiritual direction was God’s invitational gift that opened up to me the personal, loving God who was already in me.
— Maisie

Maisie's Location 

The Sparks Group
Barrington, IL

tel: 6307282522



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