With her warm and non-judgmental approach, Kristy meets people in the honest midst of where they are. Her experience in support and recovery ministry contributes to her safe and flexible Spiritual Direction style. Spiritual directees who have worked with Kristy describe the experience as comfortable, safe, and fun as they explore the complexities of their spiritual journey. 

Kristy loves long chats over a Starbucks latte and the art of shopping and lunching with her two daughters. She enjoys spending time with God in silence and solitude and loves to read when able. Presently, her heart is meditating on Isaiah 61 and the truth that God came to set the captives free.

Kristy's passion for Spiritual Direction flows out of a season in her own life in which her known, 'conventional' ways of connecting to God weren't bringing an abundance of life anymore. She describes feeling called to the journey of Spiritual Formation and Direction before she even really knew what it was - and she hasn't looked back since! As a companion on the journey, she will ask questions that will help you examine your heart so that you may see the reality of your life and measure it against your longings and God's invitations. Her heart’s desire is for you to experience interior freedom so that you can become more aware of God’s presence and unconditional love. Kristy is also a certified Enneagram coach and can meet with you to help discover your Enneagram type or to explore your personal pathway to further transformation. Consider visiting her website learn more.

I want you to know that there’s really nothing you can say that will surprise me. My previous history working with support and recovery ministry and other such groups exposed me to stories of sexual abuse, spiritual brokenness, the need for boundaries and so much more. Just know you can talk about whatever you want and your safety is huge for me.
— Kristy

Kristy's Location

Kristy practices out of Mayslake Ministries in
Downers Grove, IL

tel: 6308529000




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You can contact Kristy via the telephone number or e-mail above, the contact form, or directly through Mayslake Ministries to set up an appointment. When contacting Mayslake simply specify you'd like to meet with Kristy when enquiring. 

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