Trained by Sustainable Faith
Practicing Spiritual Direction for over 5 years

Sharon is a warm, inviting, and compassionate Spiritual Director whose directees describe as profoundly accepting. Sharon’s style first focuses on the transforming, loving presence of Christ and opening directees up to His grace and revelations. She then offers prayerful listening and thoughtful questioning related to each individual’s story in the hope to seek and discern God’s presence and will in their life. Sharon then encourages the practice of the abiding lifestyle so that her directees can foster an ever deepening connection to God’s love that invites wholeness and holiness.

Sharon enjoys arranging flowers, finding new and nutritious recipes to try, reading, and hiking in the woods. A day well spent would be tandem biking with her beloved husband of 33 years, or extended time with her treasured adult children. Sharon connects to God through worship, contemplative prayer, or by reading His word – preferably in a pine forest or in the mountains.

In the midst of our often fast-paced, noisy lives and demanding schedules, Sharon values the quiet, unhurried space that spiritual direction offers to give focused attention to another's soul and abiding life in Christ. She feels that it is a sacred trust to be able to listen together, in the loving presence of God, to the movements of His grace and love that lead us toward more Christ-likeness and living in God's loving purposes for our lives.

I remember right before my first spiritual direction session with someone the Lord brought to mind the story of the Road to Emmaus. It has become one of the main biblical images that depicts the reality and heart of spiritual direction for me, and it is foundational in my practice. Two friends walking along, talking about the things that were happening in life and then...Jesus joins them on the road. He then begins revealing to them and opens their eyes to the things He wants them to know and experience. The Lord graciously reminded again that morning that the ministry of spiritual direction is completely dependent on His Presence and our together being attentive and led by Him as I am entrusted with the privilege of walking next to a fellow traveler on the spiritual journey.
— Sharon

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West Lafayette, IN

tel: (765) 491-3995



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