Trained by Sustainable Faith
Practicing Spiritual Direction for over 2 years

Laura is a passionate, creative, and encouraging spiritual director whose direction style is highly relational, story-driven and organic. Laura’s clients have shared that being in Spiritual Direction with her is a transformational experience in which they’ve been able to hear the truth in love, while being loved and seen by someone they trust deeply cares.

Laura is passionate about assisting others in the spiritual awakening process, by guiding them to dig into their own stories and find the intersections in which their story meets God’s. Laura loves music and being artistic through most of the creative arts. She is an equal opportunity foodie, and enjoys a good burger just as much as a good salad as long as the flavors are great. She enjoys spending time with God by walking in nature or through musical worship, and is currently dwelling with the words of Isaiah 43:1-5 in her personal formation.

Receiving spiritual direction transformed my walk with Christ in ways nothing else has. My time in direction shaped and molded me in beautiful ways. I want to offer that space for transformation to others.
— Laura

Laura's Location

Whiteland, IN

tel: 317-457-9520



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Laura would love to hear from you! If you are looking for a Spiritual Director in the Whiteland, IN area, contact Laura via the phone/e-mail information above, or directly through our contact form. Laura welcomes all questions and inquiries.

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