Trained by Tending The Holy: With Christos
Practicing Spiritual Direction for 5 years

Lana is a harmonious, mediating, and peaceful presence who is able to see many sides of difficult situations in order to offer discernment. Lana’s directees remark on her peaceful and calm presence that crafts a safe relationship to grow with God. She is deeply passionate about seeing people transformed into the image of Christ. She often draws inspiration from the imagery of a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly via a chrysalis. Caterpillars share the same intrinsic DNA as a butterfly, but they become more visibly transformed over time. Lana seeks to be a Chrysalis environment in which individuals can discover the intrinsic value God has placed in them all along.

Lana enjoys having fun with interior design and would best enjoy a day off ‘with the trees’ worshipping in nature. She loves living in the light of Psalm 139 and extending this belovedness to others.

Lana has experience offering Spiritual Direction via Phone and Skype. She has worked with Christian and Church Leaders to navigate a wide variety of spiritual concerns. She is certified in Motions of the Soul, the Enneagram, and Ignation Spirituality. In her practice, everyone is wanted and welcome.

My heart and passion in spiritual direction is to create an environment for individuals to come and be a soul in God’s presence. Spiritual Direction is an invitation to explore and engage the miracle, the mystery, and the movement of Christ in you, and to experience the deep heart of God which leads to freedom and abundant life in Christ.
— Lana

Lana's location

Vernon Hills, IL
& The Transforming Center

tel: 847-951-1583



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